As a photographer and graphic artist Boris Levit-Broun is already known in Europe. For the first time he exhibited his black & white photos in Lithuanian society of Photographs at the times of USSR, when this society was an only professional union of the art photographers and far not all were admitted there.

From 1989 Boris constantly lives and works in Europe. The first personal exhibition of his graphic arts took place in Germany (Kunstkreis Norden 1989), passed with great success, although there master did not succeed to propose his erotic pictures – the organizers of exhibition counted them excessively defiantly trampling on public foundations.

Nevertheless the Italian publishing house Cierre grafica in 1997 let out the big album of erotic graphics of the master under the title HOMO EROTIKUS which quickly dispersed despite its high cost on hands of the European collectors and fans of erotic art.

In recent years Boris Levit-Broun worked on the HOT WALLS project, having developed unique mix technology of photo and painting on plaster where the techniques of the high-allowing photo printing of big increases (up to 180 by 100 cm) are connected with the subsequent manual over-painting by acrylic paints. The HOT WALLS exhibition which took place in one of art galleries of Verona and collected a huge number of the interested and potential buyers on presentation became result of work. The exposition of some of these works already took place in Moscow at an exhibition in Crocus City Mall.

Boris Levit-Broun experiments also with his erotic drawings, using the modern technique of Le gicleur, by means of which he reproduces the small pencil and pen originals in enormous sizes, inflicting images on gold and silver foil, canvas, plaster and even on transparent plastic panels with a back illumination – arriving at quite unique artistic effects.